Varlaam is an unusual lake compared to other lakes in Romania. The lake rules require using very thick lines, which means you can hardly cast. You need to row out your hookbaits. However, when I started to fish Sector B the thick lines made perfect sense. There are alsmost no snags but since the lake is a gravel pit there are lots of bars covered in sharp zebra mussels which can easily cut your line. Although I am a great fan of long range casting, Varlaam made me realize that rowing out hookbaits and using thick lines is the way to go in this case.

The atmosphere of the lake is quite unique. You enter the complex through a wooded path which separates Sector A and Sector B and you instantly feel this is a warm and welcoming place. The facilities are excellent - all swims are covered in clean gravel, most of them are surrounded by trees which provide some shade in the hot season, and there are even some very comfortable cabins on Sector B. The entire complex looks like a well manicured park, while Sector A seems a secret lake hidden in the heart of a small forest of poplar trees.

When it comes to fishing there is always the chance of a big carp. From the moment you set up you can literally expect anything. I've had carp over 20kg on almost each and every session, and managed to beat my PB the first time I fished the lake. And then I beat it again. One of the nice things about Sector B is that is has lots of lovely big mirrors, which is quite rare in our country.

Fishing Lake Varlaam really is a special experience, and I always look forward to going back for another session.


Data: 28 November 2019