Lake Varlaam is an area of natural beauty and it is important that all anglers respect the environment and the fish. Our aim is to create a relaxing, high-quality venue with outstanding fishing.  The following rules apply:

(1) Catch and release only. All fish are to be returned to the lake after capture. No fish are to be taken off site or even out of your swim under any circumstances. Anyone trying to remove fish from the fishery will MOST DEFINITELY be prosecuted.
(2) You may bring alcohol to the lake but in moderation. Alcohol or drug abuse will not be tolerated. Those found intoxicated will be asked to leave.
(3) We wish to record the growth of every carp, so please inform the bailiffs of every fish you catch as soon as you catch it.
(4) A maximum of 4 (four) rods is allowed per angler. All rods must be fished from the same swim. No stalking. Fishing is permitted from named swims only.
(5) Swims have been carefully landscaped to provide plenty of space. There should be no reason to cut any vegetation. If something is in your way please contact the bailiffs.
(6) Once your tackle has been dropped off at your swim,  cars must be parked in the car park for the entire length of your session.
(7) No open fires allowed in the swims. This includes all forms of barbeques. There is a designated areas for barbecues near the car park.
(8) Toilets and showers are available 24 hours a day. There is constant hot water available. Please leave these areas perfectly clean as you find them.
(9) Minimum line diameter is 0.40mm. We recommend you use 0.45mm if possible because of the zebra mussels and gravel bars. Snag leaders are compulsory. Please use 15m of 0.60-0.70mm abrasion resistant monofilament or fluorocarbon. Braided mainline is NOT allowed on fishing rods, but is fine on spod and marker rods.
(10) Please use safety rigs at all times. All leads, beads etc must be releasable in case of line breakages. Micro-barbed hooks only. Barbless hooks are banned. No bent hooks or curve shank nailers as they can cause excessive mouth damage. RIGS WILL BE CHECKED.
(11) Leadcore and leadcore alternatives (safezone style leaders and tubing) can be used but once again these must be ultra safe rigs and will be checked by the bailiffs.
(12) Only good quality baits are allowed - we reserve the right of refusal to allow inferior quality boilies being used on our lake. Absolutely NO tiger nuts or peanuts. Tiger nuts may only be used as a hook bait. All other particles are allowed but must be properly prepared. Particles may be used up to 5kg per day.
(13) Boats (up to 3m long), electric motors and baitboats are allowed but with consideration to other anglers. You can bring and use your own at no extra costs. They are also available for hire. Flexibile markers are allowed.
(14) There will be absolutely no sacking or retention of fish unless specifically authorized by the management. Any damaged, diseased or dead fish must be reported to the management immediately.
(15) Anglers must have their own bivvy, large carp landing net and weigh sling. Floating retainer style slings only. Minimum size landing net is 42". Only green fishing bivvys and umbrellas are to be used. Bivvies to be placed in allocated areas only.
(16) When weighing or photographing a fish, scales, weigh slings, cameras etc. must all be ready for use before the fish is removed from the water. Fish must be left in the landing net in the water until everything is ready and must be out of the water for the minimum amount of time possible. Fish must not be lifted above knee height. You must not stand up and hold fish for photographing. The fish must be held as close to the ground and unhooking mat as possible and returned to the lake inside a sling or mat. Large carp cradle-type unhooking mats must be used at all times.
(17) No litter whatsoever at any times. All litter must be removed from the swim and placed in the bin by the shower block. Anglers fishing a swim that has litter strewn around will be deemed responsible for the litter and may be asked to leave.
(18) The management reserves the right to examine any vehicle on or leaving the property to ensure that fish are not being removed, transferred illegally, or stolen. This right may only be exercised in the presence of the person using the vehicle, but refusal to co-operate may result in the termination of the vehicle owner's rights to fish and/or be on the property.
(19) All anglers going out in the boat during the cold season (from 15 October to 15 April) are required to wear a suitable life jacket. Lake Varlaam or its employees cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions, however caused, whilst on the premises. It is the anglers responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing. All decisions made by the management are final and not subject to appeal. 


  • Rules
  • Rules